Thursday, April 26, 2007

Warming my heart

I would love to have my home feel like the warmth displayed in this poem below....but, I realize that it just doesn't happen all the time and lately it has not felt clean and warm. However, today I was blessed by a dear friend. Understanding my current circumstances, she called and asked me if I would bless her by letting her come clean my floors and laundry. Wow! Bless her? I think that it would bless me/ family too! At first, I was a little reluctant because I am not one that usually accepts help easily. I love to offer my help to others, but rarely do I accept someone else's help. Sure enough, I accepted her kind offer and within an hour she was here busily cleaning. I was able to rest a little with Lydia (which was a great time for when she was mopping). My floors were beautiful and my kitchen was sparkling!
I am so thankful! It truly does make you feel better when your house is somewhat clean and back to order. I do feel a sense of warmth today. I am so thankful and drawn into Worship the Lord today!

Meditations Of A Homemaker

Five yellow rosebuds, in a blue vase,
Perfectly molded, gentle in grace.
Fresh-laundered curtains here by my sink.
There 'neath my window birds pause to drink!
Seven red apples in a glass bowl;
Why do they bless and strengthen my soul?

Clean clothes are hanging here in the sun,
Smelling of pure suds-washing is done!
Draining the tubs, scrubbing the floor,
Dusting the table, answering the door,
Digging the garden, hoeing the weeds;
Why do these duties care for my needs?

Lord, mold me gently, just like the rose,
Cleanse me and keep me clean like my clothes;
Empty my soul of every gross thing,
Clear now my life of habits that cling:
Weed out all error. Lord, let me be
A good-hearted homemaker worshiping Thee!

Lydia Stoner


  1. Oh man. If only that described how I felt about cleaning!!! Speaking of cleaning, how did spring cleaning go? Or did the new little one interupt that. He/she is a great excuse! :)

  2. about that cleaning...
    My house is now in more of disaray then ever. Yes, it is due to the fact that I am utterly sick most of the time. It was a great thought (dream) to Spring Clean my house...but, I think that was the last to hear of it for awhile....oh, well...there will always be laundry!


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