Monday, April 02, 2007

BIG Spring Clean

Yes, it is that time again! Spring. Yes, Spring began several weeks ago...but, nonetheless it is still Spring until June 21st. So, I have decided that my home needs a scrub. So, I am going through each room of my home and going to thoroughly clean that room from top to bottom! And, I don't know about your houses, but mine is in great need of a deep clean!

So, here is what I have planned :

April 4th: Kitchen
April 5th: Dining Room/Family Room
April 6th: Laundry Room
April 7th: Guest Room
April 8th: Master Bedroom/ Bath
April12th: Living Room
April 13th: Hall Bath
April 14th: Girl's Room
April 16th: Office
April 18th: Car & Porch

I plan to take before & after pictures to let you see the progress. And, for those of you that know me can hold me in your prayers as I step into this process. I am not one that does well with organizing and cleaning. But, by God's grace and strength nothing is impossible! So here I go...

If you like you can join along with me!

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