Friday, March 30, 2007

Radiating Happiness

She awoke saying, Mama in quite a nice voice.
When I arrived to get her out of the crib, she says "Hi Mama" in a sweet endearing voice.Followed by a growl, she then raises her colorful Lion up into the air. We grab Lion and Belle the black dog out of the crib and proceeding for the diaper changing station. Lydia is happy! She is joyful!I realized the other day that I have not blogged much about Lydia. I suppose it is probably because Sophia has many more words at this point in life...therefore, she has plenty to spout about and write about. But today, I could not resist to blog about Lydia. Usually I awake tired and grouchy and many times so does Lydia. But, today was not one of those ordinary mornings. It was actually delightful. Lydia is in wonderful mood and it dripping off of her. You can't help but join in. So this is about some beautiful moments of the morning that really inspired me to have a great day and sing His praises.She kissed her Lion several times before changing her diaper. While we changing her very wet diaper, she is giggly. She says, "Me Mimi, Me Poppy, Me Belle!"I said, "You love Mimi? You love your Poppy?" AND, she nodded, "Yes" profusely.We went into the Living Room to watch some Sesame Street. She says "Juice, please" Yes, she even remembered to say please.She got her Lion and Belle situated by her chair while I got her juice ready. She came into the kitchen and gave me the big smile cringe and happy feet on the floor dance. She was doing the happy dance. It was as if she had so much excitement that she could not contain it any longer.I gave her the juice and what do you think she said? You are correct...she said, "Thank you".She begins to watch the show and dance to Sesame Street.She put her juice on the table without being asked.She claps her hands.She shares her muffin with Sophia.Even Sophia was recognizing Lydia's radiance of joy...."Isn't Lydia cute right now?When I walked out, I smiled at her because she was so cute."Sigh.So precious. So precious.It sure does make the day a lot more enjoyable when we make the point to allude happiness from our minds into our actions.So off to do the happy dance of life today!
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  1. She is adorable and our "little miss sunshine". I can't wait to have her spend some time at "Grandma's & Grandpa's" house!


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