Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Accent: Well, I am from California so I guess I have a California accent? However, my parents are from Louisiana and there are certain words I use that have a “southern” accent, so I am told.

Bible book I love:
Most recently, the Gospel of John, I have started to dive back into this book again for my Bible devotions, and I love to read the story of Jesus!

Chore I don't care For:
Laundry---need I say more!! I have plenty piled up to do....the on going task, the never ending burden.

Dog or cat: Which do I prefer? Well, I love both...though, we do not have any pets right now. We might be getting a fish soon, but that is besides the point.

Essential electronics:
My cell phone and laptop computer...and possibly my microwave. I am type “I” personality, I have got to keep connected.

Favorite movie: Gees, where to start. I like so many genres of movies it is so hard to pick just one and type. So, I will just mention a few classic movies I like and maybe a recent one. I love Anne of Green Gables series, I love the Alfred Hitchcock movies, Princess Bride, and of course I need to mention WOW and FlUTTER by my remarkable cousins.

Gold or silver: Silver as of now....though, my wedding ring is gold.

Handbag I carry most: Unfortunatley, it is a diaper bag. Hee hee. But, my purse that I use now is a deep turquiose and brown color. I tend to change purses often....I am not good with monotony.

I love to sleep-IN...I am more of a night owl, and I would rather sleep in. But, once you have kids those days are over. So, yes I walk around most of the time a like a zombie....until I get some Dutch Bros. Coffee!

Job Title:
SAHM (Sophisticated Admiring Hormonal Misfit ---okay Stay At Home Mom) though, I do not stay at home most of the time it seems. I am always driving around. I should be called a Stay At VAN Mom. Hee hee.

Kids: I have two beautiful daughters; Sophia, almost 4 years old & Lydia, 1 year. Sophia's name means “Wisdom” and Lydia's name means “Beautiful”.

Living arrangements:
4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house that was built in September 2005. It has a 3 car garage, a finished front yard and a sort-of-finished backyard.

Most memorable moment
: My wedding day & the births of my girls.

Naughtiest childhood behavior:
What are you talking about? I was the perfect child. :)

Phobias: 1.Losing someone I love 2. Spiders...creepy. I only like Charlotte the Spider (Wilbur's friend). 3. Going fast ---that is probably why I am not the greatest at high speed sports. I like to have control and I don't have control when I go fast.

Religion: Christianity

Siblings: An older brother and the greatest artist I know, Dave.

Time I wake up:
Well, much to my shigrin, I get up at 5:30am to feed Lydia, then I try to go back to bed until 7am.

Unusual talent:
This is hard...I guess I am just plain unusual and my talent is singing.

Vegetable I refuse to eat:
Since I am vegetarian and I love most veggies, this is difficult...maybe I should change it to Vegetable I LOVE to eat...and that would be, most recently, Broccoli, and fresh from our garden tomatoes (but then, that is a fruit—oh, well).

Worst habit:
I self criticize...all the time.

–ones that I can remember were for diagnosing of Crohn's disease, teeth, and just the usual ultrasounds for a baby...are those considered X-rays?

Yummy stuff I cook: This would be a question for my husband. He likes everything I make. I am not sure if I have any “signature” dishes, but usually everything I make is yummy (I am not bragging—really, I can cook) However, the Mushroom Loaf was a big flop and well, that tried and not true recipe was never made again.

Zoo animal I like the most: Awww, they are all cute! Okay, not all...But, my favorite animals are not necessarily “ZOO” animals. I love Turtles, Penguins and Elephants- don't know why because all they do is stand there, swish their tails and pick their feet up but I like 'em!

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