Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Real Us

Have you wondered what the REAL family of Lil Daisies household is truly like? 

This would be The Real Us.

Here we are in all our glory.... 

Do you know how difficult is to get a picture of ALL of us looking straight at the camera, beautifully smiling with eyes open?

Then I thought more about it -- I think these pictures really portray our family really well.  We just are not perfect by any means.  Most of the time we are just fun and I am keeping this family portrait for the books!  I might even print it out and display it proudly on my wall.    Maybe.


  1. Audria is so good in the first one; Lydia is good in the second one; and all the kids are good in the last one, but that's the one I told Ric he should take his sunglasses off and it's pretty clear he should have left them on! Good of you in all of them :)
    I love this family!

  2. You guys have such an awesome family! We shall have to hang out with you guys really soon!

  3. Oh, I don't know about you and Ric, but these definately capture Rosi and Lydia. L is a goofball. So funny.


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