Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Home Tour

Welcome to our home.  Shall we have a tour?
Now, I am sure that many of you bloggers and maybe even readers have been on BLOG HOME TOURS before.  Here is how it usually works:
  Blogs host an event where other fellow bloggers can post tours of their lovely homes with one another. Perhaps it is for Christmas time -- or Spring time -- or just because.   You click on all the links to other blogs where they "show" their home by displaying pictures of their beautifully decorated, clean, organized homes.  I actually like being able to snoop through others beautiful homes.  It is inspiring and fun.


This is a tour.

A tour of my home.  I thought I would invite you all over for some water and day old bread while we enjoy a few moments touring my home.


This is not your usual home tour.  You are going to meet and tour the
REALISTIC side of me and my home.

I did not get it perfectly clean, organized and beautified for you all.  Sorry.  I thought it would be fun and realistic to show you what my house has truly been MOST of the time these days.  I am a mom of four young girls and life just gets the most of us.   I do not intend this to be inspiring though.  Because, I am not sure you can get inspired by mess.  But, maybe you might be encouraged to know that your house maybe just like mine and not well put together.  Life happens.  We love on our families and try our best.  But reality is that sometimes our homes go by the wayside.

It is the season that we are in right now....

I have had several wise women tell me that little hand prints all over the glass windows, writing on the walls with permanent marker soon fades away with time and little hands grow up and become absent from these walls and hallways....and then life is quiet...and homes may be organized & clean....but, there is an ache for the longing of dirty handprints. 

WELCOME to my home of Lil Daisies....dirty handprints included.

Our Home!

The outside looks so nice and tidy - nicely mowed grass and cleanly swept entry way.
Thanks to my hubby and my darling friend Darcie.

Our Front Door!
Notice the broken security sign.... yeah, scares off those intruders, huh?

Mr Knome whom lives at our home
Let's open the front door and go inside to the REALITY of our home!!

This is what you see when you open up the front door into our home.
  Somehow this picture makes my house look cleaner than it actually is....just so you know.

The Living Room/TV area
Home to overturned princess chairs, scattered baby toys , Mallie dog hair on the carpet,
disorganized DVDs & CDs. 
NOW - wait for it, wait for it...... one of the craziest rooms in our house....

Lord have Mercy! The office!
The Office -and now in the process of becoming partly my craft area too.

We have been rearranging the house around (again) -- so, I am in the process of 
organizing the office - to become part my craft/sewing area.  Phew!

The kitchen countertops looking out to dining area

Yikes! Countertops of "STUFF" -dirty dishes, dirty floors, handprints on those glass doors....yep! Life. OH, And the Stars?
They have been up for a year and a half.  We put them up for my daughter Sophia's 7th birthday.  She is now 8.5 years old.  Ha!

The Dining Area
Currently displaying cheerios, food particles, the contents of
my daughter Sophia's backpack: papers, month old cheesestick, yogurt, snacks

The Family Room area - where my baby grand resides - oh, if I had more time to play you!
Let's wonder on down the
The Hallway displays each Daisies' portaits and chore charts.

Shall we visit the bedrooms?
  Do we dare?

GUEST ROOM - Audria's room
(FYI- Audria is my fourth Daisy - NOT a guest!)
Guest Room - Hello Laundry!!
Oh, how my poor sweet Audria is now placed in the guest room amongst the PILE 
of laundry!  It is sorting time --and some how my guest bed keeps growing with clothes.
GIRLS = TOO MANY CLOTHES!! ( someone tell me the also have this problem?)

WELCOME to the Girls Abode!!
Girls Room - Play area against the bunkbeds.

Notice Mallie's "bed" crate in the background.
To be honest, the girls room is actually fairly clean at the moment.
We have been trying to work with them on cleaning it EVERY day. 
You really don't want to know what it looks like most of the time.
Stinky pull-ups, dirty laundry, toys scattered....uck!

Girls Bathroom Area

AND the bathroom......toothpaste covered countertops, hairballs, ponytail bands, clothes...
....I could go on! 

I don't think I have ever had a laundry room without one piece of dirty clothing in it.

The Main Bathroom...
Mama &Papa Room
Oh, the shame. Sooo sad.  It doesn't always look like this - but it did look like this when I was taking pictures. Ah, well... I am planning to do a makeover someday soon....this will be fun to see. I am looking forward to creating a sanctuary in our bedroom. 
Heaven help the bedroom!!

Well friends - Hope you have enjoyed a little tour of our home.
Were you inspired?
 Maybe encouraged?
Motivated to come on over and clean? Ha ha.

I will leave you with this:

Proverbs 24:3-4 (New King James Version)

  Through wisdom a house is built,
      And by understanding it is established;
        By knowledge the rooms are filled
      With all precious and pleasant riches.

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