Friday, October 08, 2010

Family Fun Friday: Let's Make A Date!

One of the things that we try to do with our daughters is have special one-on-one times with each of them. We go on dates! Papa will take one of the girls out with him and they ride in his MR2 (It is a toyota mr2 - that we call Mister Two). They LOVE to ride with their prince charming in MR2 - the wind blowing in their hair and having all the attention of their Papa to themselves is VERY special for them.They also enjoy having dates with their Mama too. It is not very often that they get to have my sole attention and do things together.

Recently, Lydia got to go on a date with her Papa and they went to a local beauty school and had their hair cut (Lydia got bangs!) and then went out for ice-cream.

Sophia and I went on our date that evening. We went to a mexican restaurant - she brought a long with her a monkey friend named "Bobo" (a class 'pet' that the kids are able to take home with them- Sophia's turn was the weekend of our date)

After dinner we went to Michaels to "window" shop for ideas for her birthday! This was so fun and she LOVES that store. So much crafty things......

What are some fun things that you do with your kids? And, do you have dates with her children? Girls especially need this fun experience with their Daddies & Mommies

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  1. I love this idea! Sounds like so much fun, and special for them as well as you guys. I often wish I could give some of my students more one-on-one attention; it's very hard with so many kids in one classroom, and many of them wanting my attention at the same time. Do the other 2 girls stay with a relative or friend while you 2 take out one of the girls?


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