Wednesday, September 01, 2010

ABC Create With Me: A - Afgan

My grandma was an artist. She painted and taught my brother to paint. My brother is now an professional artist. She sewed. She taught me to sew my first pillow case. She crocheted and knitted. She taught me to crochet as well. However, I am not very good because I did not pursue it as often after she had taught me. I know the basics, but nothing beyond that. My mom crochets beautifully as well. I am hoping to learn more and become better at so that someday my girls will learn how to do this beautiful and talented trade.

I am blessed to have several of my Grandma's afgans. In fact, I have one for each of my daughters. I love that I can give them each their very own afgan made with love and the soft wrinkly hands of their great grandma.

Sophia & Lydia Afgans

Rosi (pink w/ roses) & Audria (Green) Afgans

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