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Q & A : "Sickie Kit"


Tara asked Lil Daisies:
I wanted to know if you had any recommendations for having a "sickie" kit at the house ... stuff you have on hand for upset tummies, fevers, etc. I feel like I'd be ill-prepared to deal w/ a sickness in the middle of the night if one came up!

Lil Daisies Answer:

I understand how difficult it can be scrounging through the house in the middle of the night when you are half asleep trying to comfort and deal with an ill can be chaotic. I love the idea of having a sickie kit for your children, so that you can more effectively be able to give them the attention and care they need.
I have a two-fold answer to your question. I had an instant answer to your question, but then I thought more about it and researched a little bit more into the elements I would use for a home sickie kit.

First of all, I currently have a medicine kit that I have used for awhile. The container is a plastic tool box. It has different compartments and sections for me to place my medicine. This works really well. I keep the box high up in a cabinet (so little fingers don't get to it).

The cabinet also serves more as a medicine cabinet.... In the cabinet, along with the medicine box, contains heating pad, wash clothes, first-aid kit, Q-tips, Humidifier, etc.
I will list the contents of my box below, so you can see all that is contained in there at the moment.

Secondly, I found in my quick research, that I would really like alter/add/delete items to my sickie kit. I really found the idea of having more homeopathic items in the kit would be more effective and not contain as many chemicals as many over the counter drugs do. I happen to already have some homeopathic medicines in my kit and I love using them. I also like to try and use aromatherapy essential oils in remedies for my children. I currently have some basic oils that I use...for example a couple drops of lavender in the bath to help calm down, or a couple drops on a warm wet washcloth when they cuts and scrapes, or eucalyptus or tea tree oil on a cotton ball placed by the humidifier to help soothe coughs and cold symptoms.

Here is a few websites and a book that I think will help me in adjusting my new sickie kit. I am really interested in learning more about making homemade remedies for my children.

Homemade Medicine

I must state for some of the readers who might have their nose turned up against homeopathic medicines. I am one for conventional medicines -- but, I do find the overuse a bit abusive in today's society and I do believe it is easy to run to the Doctor for little ailments that can easily be remedied at home. There is not a cure or antibotic for every ailment- even your Pediatrician will say that. Sometimes you have to let the sickness run its course...however, you can find ways to bring comfort to your child as they "wait" through it.
And, if your child is really sick (trust your mommy instincts!), please call your Doctor and talk with them about it.

Thanks Tara for an insightful question!
I hope this helps you in creating your own "sickie" Kit! How about you -- do any of you have ideas or kits that you have created?


My Medicine Kit (I have a Kit for the Kiddos & a Kit for the Big People -- this is just a list of what is contained in the Kiddos Kit)

On the Lid:
Phone numbers on the lid of the kit (Doctor's Numbers, Pharmacy Number, etc.)

Lip Cream
Heating Pad

Fever Reducers/Headaches:
  • Ibuprofen
  • Tylenol
Allergy Medicine - Claritin
Benadryl - in case of hives, inflammatory reactions, etc.

Nose - allergies/stuffy nose, etc.
  • Saline Nasal Spray

Leg - for leg cramps


Cold/Flu/Cough Medicines

Flu -

Cold/Cough -

Essential Oils:
Lavender Oil
Tree Tea Oil
Peppermint Oil

Here is a whole "kit" from Hylands that offer a varitey of remedies for a variety of illnesses. I would love to have something like this.

If you have questions for Lil Daisies -- I would love to try an answer it for you. Click the "Contact" button above to ask your questions!

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