Saturday, July 10, 2010

SUMMERTIME! Things to do...

So, I think it could be the year of the turtle (if I was really into that), but I only say that because it seems that the weather has been easy going and taking its time as far as the "Seasons" go. Even though Summer officially started June 21st, I think Summer has now finally arrived in July.

But, to be honest. I really like the previous 80 degree weather. It is now over 100 and all I do is sweat. I don't even bother much with make-up or trying to beautify my look...because it just sweats off anyways.

Before: we could play outside on our scooters and bikes and be free to roam.
After the temp surge: we sit inside loving our air conditioner and sipping on lemonade or iced tea. LOL

Okay, we play in the water....because there is only so much I can handle to be inside. This seems to be the only activity right now we can handle with the HOT weather. Swimming in the pool or lake, slippin' on the slip-n-slide or running through our kid wash!

I will share in another post about our kid wash!!

I have been trying to come up with activities to do inside, so that we are not just watching movies.

So far we have done these home activities:

  • - Crafts ( Play dough, Clay, Paint, Color)
  • - Dress up & Dance
  • - Play games
  • - Reading time

We are planning to do some of these activities:

  • - Make Popsicles
  • - Painting project
  • - Scrapbook

What activities do you do with your children when it is TOO HOT to play outside?


  1. I just did double duty with the games... Sorry with the 8 yr old and Uno with the nearly 5 yr old, at the SAME time! LOL We play lots of games, we like to color and we scrapbook a LOT, they have all their "own" scrapbook stuff (my "old" stuff!), cleaning the house is always a favorite of mine :) ... oh and hide and seek for hours... Often times they go their seperate ways and work on projects of thier choosing... we go to the library, the mall, Barnes and Noble, anywhere with air conditioning!! :)

  2. oh and Play-Doh and moon sand and the easy bake oven are favorites around here too. :)
    Gosh, why do I feel like we don't DO anything all day...?

  3. The house is always a favorite of mine :) ... oh and hide and seek for hours... Often times they go their separate ways and work on projects of their choosing... thanx.


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