Saturday, June 05, 2010

Showering Audria

Our little lady was blessed with a "Welcome Home Birth Day Party" (baby shower)!
The Theme: Little Lady Bug!

Entry way table so lovely decorated for writing address envelopes.

Dining Table centerpieces

A onesie especially made for Audria with her ladybug artwork ironed on. SEW CUTE

Tanya (the party organizer extroadinare!) and the present table

Table for cake and drinks.

Audria's Cake. SOOO ADORABLE! My friend Tanya (who organized the entire party) created this cake. She did such a great job. We are thinking about going in together (in the far future) to create a Party planning business! She would be an amazing person to work with.

creating t-shirts and bibs for Audria

Grandma with Audria


  1. she's beautiful! so precious!

    I hope you're doing well. :)

  2. (I see you still have my old blog address in your bar... I changed to this: in case you want to see it!)

  3. Thank you Tracey - I will adjust. I think have quiet a few out-of-date addresses. I am slowly trying to update my blog.

    Thank you for your updated address..

    <3 blessings

  4. Susie Mimi10:35 PM

    What a beautiful Baby Shower for beautiful Audria and her beautiful mother. Loved the cake! Amazing Tanya! Would have loved to been there, but I was thinking of you. Made some "Lady Bug" Strawberry Jam for you guys.


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