Thursday, May 06, 2010


I think for Lil Daisies hosting their first "Spring Clean Carnival" -- that we had a pretty good turn out. There were about 12 people participating and about 25 entries. Yay!

I went through and gathered all your comments and links toward your cleaning -- then wrote down your name on a slip of paper (one slip of paper for each room you cleaned).

My little helper Lydia helped me pick the winner!

And the winner is....


Oh, BUT WAIT... Lil Daisies was feeling pretty generous and could not just pick ONE, we drew another name -- this person will be receiving an apron and a few other goodies.

Niana's Mommy

Congratulations to my two winners -- and congratulations to ALL OF YOU that participated -- because you now have some clean rooms for a time of relaxing into the Summer can dip your toes in the sand, drink a glass of lemonade, or just read a book by the pool -- because your Spring cleaning is ALL DONE!

Thank you for participating and motivating me to get some Spring clean done in my own home -- especially in time for our new little one coming in a few days!!


  1. OK, how adorable is it that she's closing her eyes!! :)

  2. Josselyn9:52 AM

    Seriously! THANK YOU SO MUCH Laura! Great pickin' Lydia!


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