Wednesday, May 26, 2010


....the newest little Daisy! We are so thrilled that she is here and doing well. We are all in love here in the Lil' Daisies household. (And, it is nice that I am not going to have to change my blog name -- to something like Lil Daisies and toad!) She is a beautiful blessing to our family!

Audria Josephine
May 11th
7lbs 14oz
20 inches

She is a blessing!

Mama is adjusting back into "life" -- but, of course, "life" has changed from three to four girls...and finding my way back into routine and some semblance of order takes time. Hence, the long pause in blogging. But, hopefully I can get back into it more regularly and share with you the adventures in our lives.


  1. she's beautiful and perfect.


    I love her name. :)

    (And her size is EXACTLY the same as Steiger's was!)

  2. Congratulations!!! She is so beautiful She´s "preciosa y hermosa" and She has a super-mother and 3 beautiful and cute sisters!!!
    Really your house is a pink-house ;-) BICOS

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! she is such a sweet addition to your family! :)

  4. Josselyn7:20 PM

    I feel sooooo lucky that i got to hold her the other day!! :) She IS gorgeous and lovely and so wonderfully perfect! So happy for your family.

  5. Our little ones are very close in age! Can you believe 3 months already!? She's a cutie!


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