Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Organizing Kid Clothes

Being that I am 7 months pregnant, I have been having some serious "nesting" instincts occur.

Not only am I cleaning -- and LOVING the smell of anything with "clean" scent (I love brushing my teeth a lot too because I am in love with my toothpaste and the friction of the bubble toothpaste and toothbrush on my teeth, gums, and tounge.--ha ha, I know prego craziness!)

-- I have been in the process of re-arranging our bedrooms in our home.
We moved the girls into the Master bedroom -- our room to the guest room -- the guest/craft room into the girls old room! A complete swap-a-roo!

It feels like we are moving. And, when you move things around, you have to find a place for everything -- rearrange where things go, because each room is different and closets are different, therefore it becomes an organizers dream world of finding each item a place in their new "home". You get the idea?

Well, all that to say, I came up with a way to organize our girls "new" closet. Especially their clothes. Since, all three girls will be sharing a room, they will also be sharing clothes space.

We only have one dresser. (Yeah, I know--hard to work that out with THREE GIRLS and all their clothes!)
I also have some plastic bin drawers to use as well.

I came up with a little bit of system that seems to WORK FOR US at the moment.

1. I wrote down all the particular clothes items each girl possessed (pants, skirts, socks, undies, swimsuits, shirts, etc.) Then, I drew how many set of drawers I had to use and then assigned each girl a drawer and what item of clothing it was for)

2. I created a document to make labels with pictures for the girls drawers (the plastic bin drawers). The pictures will help the girls that can't read to find where their particular clothing belongs.
3. I washed all clothing and sorted through them -- basically I minimized the amount of clothing they had. If there is not enough room in their drawer or hanging spot, than we had to get rid of something. Some clothes I would sort for seasonal to hand down to the younger children, and some I would put in a give-away pile (Donate give-away clothes to local thrift store or hand down to friends in need.)

4. Hanging Clothes - For hanging clothes, I made small labels with their name and placed them right above their current hanging spot in the closet. I hang all shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, sweaters, coats, etc. If I was REALLY organized and had the money, I would have each child with their own color hanger!
I love having labels -- and more importantly labels with pictures --sure does help with those little kiddos learning where things belong. THAT way, they can help with putting away their OWN laundry!

You can find more Works For Me fun over here!


  1. The labels with pictures are a fantastic idea! Great for young children. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. I love the idea with the pictures. My son is only 14 months, and the only one, but I'm already facing closet chaos. It's time to pare down and find a mom in need, and organize the rest! What a great goal, to have him organize his own clothes!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog :).


  3. What a great idea. THe picture labels look perfect. I love an organized closet. THanks for stopping by for a visit.

  4. It looks like you found something that worked for you. But if you do ever need more dressers, check out craigslist. There have been some inexpensive and even free ones listed.

  5. Wow - this is great!! Wonderful idea.

  6. Great idea! We have drawer space and closet space labeled, but not with pictures. I should do that for the two littlest, it would make things much easier. We have four boys sharing one dresser and one small closet. I color coded their hangers, if you get the plastic ones from walmart they aren't expensive.


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