Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday: Today's Agenda

Wow, it has been some weekend. I have so much I want to do with this blog, and I feel so little time. I have been feeling the effects of being in late pregnancy. Phew! I am tired, crampy, slow moving etc. I took Friday to just rest -- because my body was telling me so.

This weekend was spent with family and loving on them a little with some precious time. Most days were sunny, so we loved being outside soaking in the sun~ riding bikes, scooters, gardening, etc.

So, it is back to Monday. Here I sit, I have lots to do today and not sure what I am to get done and what will just have to wait.

Todays Agenda:

Grocery Shopping - 3 different stores
Find Baskets for sewing room, books, etc.
Get new bookcases and put them together
Blog post about new giveaway
Clean Kitchen
Work on the "re-organizing" of the rooms (I have things scattered everywhere)
Home Blessing
Birthday Party for a friend
Hopefully -- Bath, Read, Relax

I let you know how it goes ~ I hope you have a blessed Monday. What's on your agenda today?

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