Thursday, March 18, 2010

Itch for Craftiness

I have an itch to do some crafty things. But, of course I am only at the beginning of my project list. I am working my way through, skipping around on my list...but, that is what occurs when you have a creative ADHD mind. My hubby always teases me that I am REALLY good at coming up with creative projects -- obtaining the end result is another thing. I don't always quite finish what I started. I am working on it though.

What's on my project list?

Re-arranging, de-cluttering, cleaning, and decorating all rooms in our house (Yep! Seriously)
Make Homemade Wipes
Make Homemade Cleaners

Party Planning:
Easter Celebrations
Planning Lydia's Wizard Of OZ birthday Party

baby items (burp clothes, blankets,)
summer dresses for the girls

Put all pictures into albums or scrapbooks.
Scrap pages for all my girls ( I am WAY behind)
Pictures into frames & hang

Create Mod-Podge Names
Create Cute Cleaning Cards
Decorative Scripture Verse Frames

Spring Clean Carnival Party -- with prizes
Shoebox Sister Swap

Some of my Favorite Fabulous Craft Blogs/Sites

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  1. You are a superwoman, you're amazing, how you do it? Where do you get the time to do everything you do?
    It is fortunate to have you as blogfriend.Bicos


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