Friday, March 12, 2010


I read about this fun activity from Monica @ The Homespun Heart and also at InCourage! I however, did not make the challenge deadline, but I loved the idea of doing this project and decided to do it with my kids.

We got out the coloring books we had in our home and set out the crayolas and COLORED!
I had forgotten how good it felt to just relax and create, color, and imagine. I did feel like a kid again and it was a freeing feeling. AND, I loved being able to just color and giggle with my girls.

I started on one picture and then had so much fun, I ended up coloring three of them! Let me share with you my masterpieces and why I chose these pictures to color!

1st: "Mama is a Turtle"
I laughed a little bit when I chose this one to color -- but, in all reality it is how I feel sometimes. I am carrying a large load of kids, activities, lists, luggage, life, etc. on my shoulders and yet I feel really slow about getting anywhere or anything really done. I am sure some of you moms can relate?

2nd: "Mama is Blessing to Her Children"
I liked how the child is on his knees listening to the important words of his mother reading the Holy Bible. Mother is teaching the ways of Christ to her child and praying and blessing over her child. This is an influence that I strive for in my life towards my children. To train them in the ways of the Lord

3rd: "Keep Love In Your Heart"
I liked this one for what it said, "Keep love in your heart." And, well she is cute and fashionable too!


  1. Kristie Smith2:47 PM

    You are a super colorer!! I am not that imaginative. I am usually in a hurry and just put color on the page. But the time spent with my Ethan is invaluable!(spelling?) The little ones just want undivided attention, even though Ethan is 10 days short of 8yr old, he still needs Mommy time!!!

  2. great coloring job...
    side a small world...well, I guess we do live in Redding...

  3. and how come Kristie is a follower of Lil Daisies and not ChambersMade???

  4. I love these pics - mine would be Star Wars, Thomas and Cars tho :)


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