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Flylady was probably my first introduction into routines. I have then read, looked at, adapted, adjusted many other routines from websites, books, etc. over the past few years. I am working on routines that will work for me and my family. Yours will be different, but you can get an idea of what I hope to work for us.

I have found that keeping a house looking nice doesn't need to take hours and hours; five to thirty minutes can do wonders. The ultimate goal is to keep our homes picked up, clutter eliminated, and dirty clothes, and trash in their correct places.
I once again, apologize for my photos...they are really poor quality...because I ended up taking them at night without good lighting...and still in their protector sheets, which caused a glare. I will try to take better pics and repost them again soon.

I have established a morning routine that is simple for me to start with (remember, I am not a morning person) This routine is probably my biggest hurdle for me, but I am trying to work through this time with God. Here is how I have set up my morning routine

Weekly Plan is just a basic plan that I have set up (usually three times a year September, January, June) -- I adjust to what we are doing at the moment. Usually school starts around September and thus begins a new array of schedules for myself and girls. January I check the weekly plan and adjust if needed. And, then I adjust the routine in June when Summer break begins and we have a whole different routine that goes with Summer time --sleeping-in is on that one!! (wink, wink)

** I try to schedule one day a week that I do a home blessing day (sometimes I split it in two days): I chose Mondays and Tuesdays. I chose this day because it helps me organize my week. This is when I do heavy cleaning and laundry, change beds, dust, organize, grocery shop etc.

** Schedule a "Playing" Day: I chose Fridays. This is when I can take kids to park, friend's house, games, etc. during the day...but, at nights I try to plan a Family Night. I also try to schedule in on the main calendar days/evening where my hubby and I can have dates with each of our children...and dates with each other too! But, date nights are not necessarily on Fridays.

** Schedule a Project day: I try to schedule a time where I can sew, create, declutter, scrapbook, compose music. This gives me time to be creative and get those "projects" that I want to do a little bit closer to completion.

I have tried to set these to be as a simple as possible. Flylady was great with all of her ideas to show different routines. I loved them...but, I feel overwhelmed with getting them all prepared and written out --that I ended up with too many routines and trying to remember on what day I do what??? So, I simplified it for me and my family.

SIDENOTE: I am working on creating a cleaning plan that involves the children and their duties.

Here are my cleaning routines:

I made a list of areas in the house and under each of those areas I listed what needed to be cleaned on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly basis. Here is for my kitchen. I have one for bathrooms, bedrooms, living/family room, laundry/office.

And here is my weekly cleaning list where each of the "Daily" routines are listed -- if that makes sense?

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  1. Ok...I'm so not a morning person, OR a routine person, but I was able to read as far as your morning routine and I think I have to try it. Notice, I stopped reading after the morning as I can only take so many great hints before I feel like I'm overloaded. think of my routine. Smart to put computer at the bottom...somehow it's one of the first things I do..not good.


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