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This is actually an area of which I have been working on for quite sometime. I had a friend, who is also a professional organizer, come and help me to "organize" our office. Unfortunately, to my husband's demise and he would dream of it being a place of organization, I have failed to get it to any place of order...sadly, it is more of a dumping "closet" where everything goes when I am doing the: "quick clean up because we have guests coming over so shove it in a closet --oh, that would be our office."

So this post is really a "spank in the rear" for me too. And to portray total honesty on my part, I posted a current pic of the office (my command post) to show you that I am truly working on this area in my life too. Currently, it is completely unorganized...but, little step by step I am working to making our home a little more organized! I hope to someday soon show you a better looking command post! (This is adapted from 12 Steps to Becoming an Organized Woman by Lane P Jordan)

So, let's set-up our command post!
Because we are COO (Chief Operating Officer) of our households, we should have center where we can function the organization of our household.

Make sure you have your own desk area, even if it's just a card table.

*On your desk keep accessories just for you: tape, scissors, ruler, notbook paper, stationary, stamps, etc. Keep it simple. A picture of your family would be nice!

* Have a special place on your desk for phone calls that you need to make. Keep pen and paper by all phones for taking messages if needed. Making list of calls to be made keeps from feeling overwhelmed.
I have a Home Blessing Notebook that I am working on creating to hold most of organizational duties,etc. (Routines, Cleaning lists, To-do lists, Goals, Menu Plans, etc.--I will show you more later)

* Keep your telephone book up-to-date. If you keep it on the computer, in a regular book, or in your home blessing notebook...

* Keep your desk as neat as you can. (Laughter inserted here-ha ha --on my behalf). You won't lose important papers or phone numbers if your desk is organized. Purchase file cabinet, folders, hanging files if you have funds to do so. Or put them in a box. Folders are excellent for organizing important papers, receipts, bills, children activities, etc.

Have a Calendar close by, either near your phone or in your purse and check it daily.

I have a calendar on my computer and a 2 month at a glance calendar in my home blessing notebook. Eventually, I would like to be able to sync up my computer calendar with my phone so that I have an updated calendar where ever I go. I am just not that techy yet...

I apologize at the poor quality...I was taking the picture at night with poor lighting.
But, I hope you get the idea.

On Sunday night review for next week. I circle in red or highlight doctor appointments or anything else I don't want to forget.

Check to see if their are birthdays or anniversaries listed on your calendar for next week (or month if it easier). Add names to grocery list so you can pick up cards or presents -- I pull cards from a card box I have that is stashed with cards, stationary etc.

Every December fill next year's calendar with important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. My on-line calendar has a nice feature that allows you to book a birthday or anniversary and it will appear every year on the calendar.

Next....Routines and coming soon..... Home Blessing Notebook, Meal Planning,


  1. tammy1:35 PM

    okay... so what if we don't have SPACE for a command post? what to do with a tiny house? does my "chair" count as a command post!? LOL

  2. tammy1:36 PM

    okay... so what if we don't have SPACE for a command post? what to do with a tiny house? does my "chair" count as a command post!? LOL

  3. Sure. You could have a little shoe box to hold your necessary supplies (calculator, pens, pad of paper, box of paper clips, scissors, etc.) and then maybe a binder that can hold your TO-DO lists, calendars. I don't think you need to have too much space...but, at least a little space that is yours! =)


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