Friday, February 12, 2010


I don't want a pickle
Just want to ride on my motorsickle
And I don't want a tickle
'Cause I'd rather ride on my motorsickle
And I don't want to die
Just want to ride on my motorcy...cle
The Motorcycle Song, Arlo Guthrie

Well, I guess she isn't ridin' a Harley, but rather a Honda...

Lydia really wanted to ride her Papa's motorcycle for quite sometime. So, last Sunday, when it was finally sunny and beautiful outside, she got her chance. Her Papa put on a helmet, sat her up on the motorcycle and took a cruise around the block. She LOVED it! In fact, over the next few days, she would ask almost ALL the time if Papa would ppppppleeeease take her on the motorcycle again.?
How could he resist such determination and cuteness -- so a few days later when the weather was nice again, Lydia got to ride on her motorsickle!

1 comment:

  1. She looks so tiny!
    Be careful Lydia, you are so precious!


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