Friday, February 05, 2010

Don't Leave God Behind

Time is the most valuable resource a person can spend, and maximizing the use of it is critical
to successful living. Time is a precious resource. We need to purposefully, worthily and
accurately manage our time. Otherwise, it will be lost on something that doesn’t line up with
God’s plan and purpose for our lives.

Don’t leave God at your prayer closet door when you leave to go about your daily duties. Be occupied with God throughout your day, everywhere you go, communing and talking with Him from your heart.

Here are just a few ways to commune with God through out our day:

Scripture: A good friend reminded me of this last week at Bible place God's Word around our home. I have been working on this for awhile now and desire to have Scripture throughout my home. Another friend gave me some Scripture verses typed on computer paper before she moved was a gift to share, encourage me to find the Lord in all places. These were verses that had impacted her life over the last few years and she would have them placed around her home. God had given her these specific verses to a certain time in her life. This was powerful!

* Take printed Scripture and back it with scrapbook paper. You can place it in a frame if you have some leftover frames lying around and place them around your home: kitchen, bathroom, hallways, bedrooms, front doors, laundry room, living room, even your car!

Worship Music: I have done this for quite sometime...and days that I do not have God's songs playing, I can feel the difference in my attitude and my heart's direction for that day. I try to have the music playing in my home when my girls wake in the morning, while doing daily chores, and while doing any other tasks. I also have music playing in my car.... and one thing that is reflecting the use of God's music in our homes and lives, is that my girl's are singing Praises constantly throughout their day. They love to create songs and now they are creating more songs about God. I love that!

Prayer: This is probably the easiest for me to do while I go along my day, but it is also the easiest to forget to do. I started a prayer journal to hold names and prayers. I also have certain groups of prayer I do on certain days. For example: Pray for Country, Leaders, Military, World Affairs on Mondays, Pray for Missionaries, Organizations, etc. on Tuesdays...and so on.
But, it is easy to forget to pick up the journal and pray --as well as write down prayers. (I am working on personal time with the Lord and more intimate prayer time) However, I am trying to just pray while I do the mundane things like laundry, dishes, driving... These are just short, little prayer/thoughts...I just talk with God through my day.

What are some ways that you try to connect with God during your day/week?

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