Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Potty Training Season

For those with weak stomachs...just a warning to ya!

My dear little Rosi has turned two and showing signs of really wanting to use the potty. I find it very interesting that each child is different in the way that they go about potty training. I have found that our approach to potty training was different for each one....

Sophia was so far the easiest of all the girls. Not saying it was plain easy, just easier in comparison -- we started her at 22 months of age --spending two days at home feeding her water, juice, etc. to make her go the bathroom. We bought her cute panties--she loved this part. But, when she found herself going potty and pee running down her legs and onto the floor, she was moritified. She would cry and cry. She did not like that at all. I moved her potty into the living room and she didn't want it happening, she held it in and ended up with an infection. So,I gave up and decided to just let her do it on her own. Well, one month later she said that she was ready and she did it. At 23 months of age, she was potty trained. At nighttime we cut water off at 6pm and Ric would take her potty at 11PM before we went to bed --she would be asleep and going pee on the pot! She didn't wear pull-ups at all.

Lydia is whole different story. We tried to train her at 2 years of age...and she would have nothing to do with it. We were pregnant with Rosi and hoping to have her potty trained before Rosi came along. NOPE! We thought if she peed on her leg and onto the floor she would be mortified like Sophia and want to go to the potty instead of on the floor. NOPE! She peed on the floor, danced in it, and moved on! She could care less if it ran down her legs and onto the floor. Seriously, we had a little stubborn one on our hands. Nothing would deter her. She was 2 1/2 years old when Rosi was born and yet to be potty trained. Ric decided: IT WAS TIME! So, he took over and made sure she went every 20 minutes. We would set the timer and drag her to the bathroom. We tried stickers, motivational treats (m&m's) and that seemed to work part of the time. She was smart and realizing that if she did what we wanted she could get something out of it like a treat. I have many stories of her playing with her poop in the backyard, peeing all over the chair and floors, and so on...
Currently, she is potty trained for the "day" time, though we have to remind her to go potty from time to time, because she gets so wrapped up in what she is doing that she will not go in the potty but in her panties. And, she goes in changes it like it is no big deal. Sigh. She wears pull-ups at night still...and we would really like to have her out of them soon. But, she is a hard sleeper like her dad and won't wake for anything at night to go potty. She is 4 years old and still learning.

Rosi -- well, she just turned 2 years old in November. I can't figure her out yet. She tells me every once in awhile that she wants to go potty. We have sat her on the potty and she will sit there for a long time and then finally poops. She has done this three times. SHE LOVES IT! My next step is to get her a little potty that she can climb up onto easier (we used to have one of these, but Lydia destroyed it). Honestly, I am just not sure if I AM ready to do this? Get out all the panties, plastic bubble pants, potty, wipes....I guess it makes me exhausted to think about it all. HOWEVER, I suppose I just need to put on my training cap and do it. I am hoping that she will be able to be easier than Lydia....because I deserve it, right?? Ha ha. We will see how it goes. But, for now my life is involved with "POTTY TRAINING" season again. It will be like bootcamp for potty! Oh, the joys of Motherhood.

Oh, And do you think it is silly to give her "potty training" equipment as a Christmas present?


  1. tammy4:43 PM

    oh Rosi. growing up so fast!

    you should write a book Laura.. Adventures in potty training!! and I think giving her potty supplies for Christmas is okay, she will be so excited to pee pee on the potty like her big sisters!

  2. Oh my goodness. We are having such a hard time with Sadie. Sounds like she is a cross between Lydia and Rosi. We've decided to put it on hold until after her 2nd birthday in January. But man it's a challenge huh?!

    I just don't know how to get her to tell me BEFORE not after she goes. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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