Thursday, July 30, 2009

Totally NOT my fault!

AHEM....Do you remember THIS?

Well....this time her "new" haircut was not my fault. This time I could TOTALLY blame it on Lydia. Sigh.

It was when I was on the phone with my mom discussing flight schedules, facebook chatting a friend at the same time (because she is going with us on our trip), and also chatting through Gmail with my husband regarding credit card info, all the while Lydia is at the kitchen table with her scissors from her craft box giving Rosi a brand new look.


Do they plan these things? Seriously.

Well, I went over thinking it was just a few strands of hair...OH NO... it was pretty much the whole back of her hair. There laying on the floor was A LOT of Rosi's beautiful curly white hair. Sniff, sniff. There was only a strand of long hair left...of which I had to cut because I couldn't just leave it like that.

Well, her hair is still quite crooked in the back. I have not had time to really fix it, yet.

And Yes, I took pictures.

I tried to find a pic of the back of Rosi's head from "before"...but, this is all I could really find.

And "The After"!


  1. tammy8:25 AM

    LOL... sad, I know, BUT it will grow back!! :)
    I am amazed that Rosi just sat there and LET Lydia cut her hair!! LOL ahhhh.... such is life... with Lydia!! :)

  2. It's not THAT bad. I was expecting to see it cut off at the roots.
    She still is adorable!

  3. Um, wait until you see it in person.

    But, yes it is not as bad as it could be....but still she cut off about 3 inches of hair.

  4. SusieMimi11:52 AM

    Yes, her hair will grow back. Maybe she'll have more curls when it grows back. Lydia is going to be the beautician of the family. LOL
    You have heard of the "terrible twos", I like "terrific twos" where curiosity gets them in trouble sometimes.
    Then there's the "fours" where they put into action what they know. "Creative"..."Fantastic Fours".

  5. shame! But what a beautiful little girl she is anyways!

  6. It looks pretty straight in the picture and just the same length as Lydia's! Lydia's quite the talented fashionista! So funny. But I'm sure galling in the moment. xo :)


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