Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Party Planning: Piggie FUN!


Each child will receive a pig snout. I am planning to make them ahead of time. You could do this as an activity at the party, but I have so many other things planned that I thought this could be done ahead of time.

The Three Little Pigs
Everyone remembers this classic story and what would a piggy party be without the story being told? We are going to tell the story --but, with a little twist. We will be acting out the story. It should be fun.

Paint Your Piggies!
I plan to have a little station where kids can get their piggies (toes) painted! I need to find my pink nail polish! Ha ha!

Mud Slide
Yep! We are having MUD at the party. I will set out a huge tarp and then place a bucket of mud on it for the piggies to slide on....the hose will be spraying water too! ;-) We will have clean piggies when it is all through!

Pin the Tail on the Piggy!
And, this game is just exactly what it says! I am sure you have all heard of that standard game--though I think most use a donkey instead. I am going to draw and paint a pig on a piece of cardboard and then I will use curling ribbon for the tails.

Pig Hunt
Pigs have good smellers...so in honor of their snouts, I am planning a game where the kids have to seek out items/goodies located around the yard. Some of the items will be pennies...so, they can place them in their piggy banks.

Piggy Banks
(I am still thinking and looking into this due to cost---if I can find a good deal)
I am hoping that each child can paint a piggy bank that they could take home with them.


  1. What a fun party~ I wonder if you can get little ceramic piggy banks from Oriental Trading Company and then go to Michael's to get the Permanent Markers? Just a thought....

  2. When I was at Costco last time, they had a whole box of little plastic piggie banks at the checkout counter. I didn't ask what they were for, but maybe you could check it out.

  3. You could have them make piggy banks out of empty yogurt cartons or something.

  4. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Guess a roasted pig is completely off the menu, right?! Out of the question! teehee


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