Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can we eat there?

Sophia: Mom, Can we please go get a snack from Little Weazers?

Me: Where? (Giggle)

Sophia: Little Weazers --- we pass it all the time when we go to school? Mrs. H said that she bought a special treat for her classroom from Little Weazers. I have never eaten there, can we go to Little Weazers?

Me: Um, not today (trying to figure out what restaurant place is named Little Weazers--and silently giggling while she says it! Because she is pretty darn cute when she says Little Weazers!)

I finally figured it out as we passed by this place on our way home from school.

Oh, I had a good giggle. Good thing it is really not called Little Weazers, because I don't think I could eat at a place called that. Though, I guess some people might consider this little guy a weazer.


  1. Susie Mimi5:07 PM

    I want to go! Funny how she heard the name of the restaurant. She's a "goin'" girl for sure!

  2. That is so you have journal for your girls where you write their cute sayings and doings in them?

  3. Channon,

    Yes, the closest I have to journaling is this blog... ;-) Though, I have a few things written down for their personal scrapbooks!



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