Wednesday, April 15, 2009


purposefully aligning my passions to fit His purposes“ 
We have some friends visiting us today as they are traveling through on their journey of moving from Arizona to Alaska.  I am so excited to spend some time with them to listen and learn about their adventures in Kingdom living!  I had read this post on Carrie's blog a little while ago and I was really motivated and encouraged by her own spiritual journey as a wife, mother, and friend.  She wrote about her passions --the things that God desired for her to be passionate about.  She created a binder with these passions marked into categories. "It has really helped me to not get so overwhelmed and instead be able to enjoy learning and applying things in His time."
  I really loved this idea.  I have began, stopped, and then re-started (not yet completed) a binder to help me with organizing our home...but it has always been more work for me to get it right and let alone finished or workable. (Maybe it is the perfectionist in me).  But, when I read Carrie's post, something struck a chord with me.  I have yet to stop and seek God first.  What are my passions?  What does God want me to be passionate about? 
It was a whole new way of thinking about how I go about organizing my home and living our lives to honor God.  My home is to not be perfectly spotless, extremely organized, or run smoothly, but rather it is a heart reflection of who God is creating me to become: a help meet, mother, friend and servant. 
So, instead of creating a "homemaker's binder" with cleaning, menu, calendar, and lists upon lists...I need to first seek God and make His passions run clear through me.  This is where I should be focused....
So, I will be spending time in prayer and seeking God's purpose in my life and what I am to become passionate about.  I will share these with you soon.
What are you passionate about?   


  1. Dear Bella, I've been reading your blog for sometime now and always find it encouragaing to know that I'm not alone in the daily struggles of trying to be supermomma or a super house wife. I thank you for your honesty and for all the laughs that I do as I read about the silliness of your darling daughters. I liked this post ("Passionate") b/c it is not only so true but it gave me a "push" to seek God in what He wants me to be passionate about and not what I want to be passionate about. Keep on keeping on. You're doing a great job..
    With God on our side,

  2. Susie Mimi9:24 AM

    I was once asked by a dear friend who loved the Lord, "What is your heart's desire?" My first answers were what I wanted immediately for the Lord to do for me. Those desires changed when I really realized what Jesus did for me... He came to earth, died for me and rose again so that I can have eternal life with Him. My heart's desire is to love Him with ALL my heart, seek Him in the morning, noon and night and "Be still" so I can listen to Him in regards to the plans He has prepared for me. I do fall short many times, but His Grace is sufficient that I can have the hope only He can give. Laura, you are on the right path and Jesus hears you when you call and will answer. "Be still and know that He is God." "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty." Psalm 91 (read the whole Psalm) I love you, sweet daughter! Mom


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