Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Lilac

I have had a lilac bush (stick with leaves) for about 8 years.  I got the lilac stem from my parent's yard.  I planted it in a pot and there it stayed -- for 8 years. I never replanted it.  It never bloomed.  I kept hoping it would and then I thought maybe it never will be a blooming bush.  Until now...

...we think it broke through the pot and found fresh earth. It was probably delighted with the fresh earth and therefore, put out lovely flowers for me to enjoy.  They make me happy and so peaceful inside.  Really, I was giddy when I saw them.  

Thank you Lord, for refreshingly "new".... the beauty You have created is beyond amazing. I am in awe of Your handiwork. 


  1. That's cool. We have an amaryllis plant that is a direct descendant of a plant Larissa had just before we got married.

  2. Dear Bella,
    It was a wonderful surprise recieving your email. The verses you gave were great.. Thank you!!
    I'm glad that my "comments" made you happy. I really do enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for viewing mine. Since we moved away from our families, having a blog has keep us "connected" to them. Along with all my phone calling.. :)
    Anyhow, your Lilac is beautiful. I just love it when flowers bloom. It makes life feel like all is well.
    Take care my new sweet friend,

  3. Oh, I just love lilacs. There's nothing that screams "spring" quite like they do :) At our old house we had two lilac bushes that were literally taller than our house. Ah, the incredible scent of our yard in spring! Planting some in this new yard is a definite priority for me this year :)

  4. Hi Laura,

    Your photography is amazing! You have a gift for capturing God's beauty (the best a camara can anyway). Can't wait to catch up on your blog posts (it's been hard to make time for computer things since we got to Alaska). Have a joyful day in Jesus.

    Love to all,
    Carrie ><>


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