Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Short Cut


There has been an ongoing "battle" of the hair in our household between Mama and #2 Daisy. She exclaims that she "likes it messy! it looks be-U-ti-ful messy!" and did NOT want a pony tail in her hair of any sort...rather she did not even want to brush it.

Well, I bought some "detangler spray" to use on her hair. She liked using that...because it squirts out (and any thing that squirts is fun to use). So, she would use the spray and a brush and proceed to do her own hair. However, her reach to the back of her head never occurred, as she seemed to almost always have a rats nest back there.


We had to solve the problem with my ragamuffin looking would seriously think I would not groom her. You were probably right. I did not groom her...because really I had to pick my battles with the hair.
I came up with a solution. A great idea. She could still wear her headbands and clips like she always wanted. She really did not have to brush....and less money....cute child with groomed hair = satisfied happy content Mama.

I cut her hair.

She was actually really excited about doing it. I told her how easy it would be to take care of and all the benefits that go into having her hair cut. So, we wet her hair and I got my cutting scissors...and snip snip snip.




Aftermath: She was upset about it. She wanted the long hair back. She had a bout of pouts for about 20 minutes.

"I want my hair back on"

Um. It will grow back dear one.

She did not want anyone to see her.

But after lots of praise from her darling babysitter(who has similar hair) and other people...she decided that she did in fact love it.

Me too.


  1. tammy9:04 PM

    It is SUPER cute and I am TOTALLY impressed! My husband wishes to know if you have a "Saloon" and your place. LOL .... I quickly corrected him and said a "Salon"... but then thought better and said... Maybe they have BOTH! LOL :)

  2. lol @ tammy (well, Vidim, really). How about "shot and a haircut."

  3. OOooooohhh! I love it! So cute and fitting for her! Thanks for sharing pictures!

  4. Tell Daisy #2 that Grandma thinks she looks very stylish and cute! I got my haircut yesterday too!

  5. She looks adorable!! Can't wait for my daughter's hair to grow more to do the same do..


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