Friday, February 20, 2009

Rushes of my life: Morning

7:20 Wake-up to Lydia coming in my bed and kissing me with her licks. (Rosi is already awake with Ric).
7:20 Ric leaves for work. Rosi comes to the side of my bed yelling "Up, Up". So....I get up.
7:22 Wake-up Sophia with a "Good Morning Song". Lydia and Rosi join me. I pick out the girls clothes as Sophia takes forever to get off her bunk. She is chattering about something.
7:24 I start walking out the door...Sophia screams at me to wait, wait, wait. (A tradition that Sophia does--she wants to walk down the hall together every morning). She stands there crying because I did not wait.
7:26 The beginning of getting girls dressed. This becomes a long process.
7:27 Tell Lydia to take off her night night pull-up and go potty. Lydia wanders down the hallway. Rosi goes to bathroom to take out all the hairties out of the drawer.
7:28 Sophia has yet to do anything except dance and sing. Remind Sophia to stop dawdling and get dressed.
7:30 Where is Lydia? Sophia decides she needs to go potty and only has half of her clothes on.
7:33 Still trying to get girls dressed
7:35 Sophia is about finished getting dressed....Rosi has managed to bring out toys from everywhere and wants to play with Sophia's new make-up kit.
7:36 Tell Lydia to get her shoes on
7:36 Fix breakfast for Sophia---she still does not have her socks on. Lydia no shoes.
7:40 I get dressed. Tell Lydia to brush her hair. She wants it messy and does not want to brush it. Rosi gets the magnetic letter box and brings it into my bathroom and dumps them everywhere. Sigh.
7:50 Brush Sophia's hair and put it in ponytail. She cries because the brush hurts. I remind her that they did not put the right brushes back into the drawer, so this is the only brush that was available. And yes, it hurts. Bummer! Remind Lydia to put on her shoes.
7:51 Lydia decides to comb her own hair. Still no shoes.
7:51 Sophia can't find her snack bag. I say, "Bummer --no snack today". She was not happy about that. She starts to complain that she needs a snack or else she will starve!
7:55 Warning! I am heading out the door. Lydia has now managed to get the comb wrapped in her hair and she is screaming. I try to get it out, but will have to manage that task after we get back is really stuck.
7:58 Lydia no shoes. Sophia finds snack bag and gets her own snack. I load Rosi into the car.
8:00 Sophia is in the car now but upset at me because I did care about her snack bag. I told her it was not my responsibility. Lydia does not have shoes on.
8:01 I tell Lydia I am leaving and close the door. I start the car. I hear loud crying. Lydia FINALLY has her shoes on---with a comb stuck in her hair. Poor baby.
8:05 Loaded with all the peeps in the car and headed for Sophia's school
8:05 I discover there is a TON of trash in the van. I can't stand it and start gathering papers and trash to throw away. The both start crying because I took the "bear pictures" they had colored for Papa. I told them it had gross stuff all over was going in the trash.

It does not stop there.

8:08 Lydia is not happy because she does not have a "baby" to hold in the car.
8:10 Sophia now has a massive amount of snot all over her face and is gagging. (I wanted to gag too). There are no kleenex tissues in the car (because she used them all). I am driving. With one hand I manage to get the wipes out of diaper bag and throw them back to her while she continues to have snot all over face and gagging. Lydia is helping by saying very loudly, "Ewww, Gross Sophia! Gross". Rosi adds into the hype by yelling. She is not upset...she just likes to yell.

8:20 I love you Sophia have fun at school!
8:22 Lydia does not like the music and wants a new song. NOW! Rosi is still yelling.
8:40 We get home. Take the comb out of Lydia's hair and then breakfast for all. Smoothies and cereal.



  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Ohhhh...still no shoes? What a morning! Is there a coffee break in there somewhere for mama?

  2. Thank you! Thank you! thank you! There is someone else in this crazy world with me. I thought I was alone. Thanks for letting me know you're out there too!

  3. rachael vuu12:13 AM

    i am impressed you could get up and get 3 girls ready amidst the chaos and get out the door in less than one hour!!! i only have 2 and it can be quite a challenge!


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