Friday, January 30, 2009

Shoe Flu Don't Botha Me

Oh my polliwogs! I am recovering from a week of exhaustion, sickness, and such. Have you ever been sick---really sick, where you just can't function even to talk? Well, the nasty Flu bug came to visit my body (when it was so not welcome)...but, yet it invaded my territory and made a mess of me.

And a messy house. I stare at the destruction that my three girls can make when out of my supervision for two days. Sigh.

Good news in strange sort of way: I lost 6lbs. Sickness can really aid in weight loss. However, I would never make a good Bulemic person, because I detest throwing up. I cry when I have to do this horrific act. So to say---there will be none of that for me to lose the pounds. I will be having a healthy way of losing weight....starving. (Oh, so kidding y'all)

Today was a "recovery" day from the nasty bug. I felt a lot better but weak. So, I stare at the tornado that blew through my house and then back to my computer screen to catch up on everything. My peeps missed me and that makes me feel tickled pink! And, I am really trying hard to ignore what is around me. I have no energy or motivation to even lift a finger to clean.

So...with a rough start. I am getting my way back into blogging about life here at Lil' Daisies and I feel urges of motivation springing on to write something remarkable.

I hope you are still with me?

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