Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy Busy

I apologize to my few dedicated readers because I have not produced much material for your reading enjoyment of Lil' Daisies.
In all honesty, it has been a very hectic month. And, if my assumptions conclude me rightly, it will most likely not get any less busy. I wanted so much to share with you all the wonderful things we do over the holidays: baking, 12 days of Christmas, decorating, traditions, etc. However, we have not been able to do much of that yet. I am hoping to do a little baking this week. I have all my ingredients and recipes ready. And, my little helpers too!
Because of our "busy-ness" here at Lil' Daisies, I'm taking a short Winter sabbath from a few things, and I think blogging has to be one of them. My nightstand is full of books I want to read, Christmas presents to sew and purchase and wrap, a home to manage and clean, guests to prepare for, baking, spending time with my kiddos, etc. Something has to give a little bit and I think it will have to be blogging for a few weeks. I will keep track of what we did and make sure to share with you all that we did.
I hope your holidays are beautiful, bright, and blessed! Enjoy the rest of the year, and I'll see you back sometime. Blessings!

Here is what has been going on that has kept me:

  • Lydia & Sophia had dance performances in The Christmas Carol.
  • Rosalia has Chicken Pox and Pink Eye is both eyes (She is miserable)
  • Christmas school parties
  • My Birthday


  1. Susie Mimi8:45 AM

    I am praying for you and yours. Rosie says, "I got the Chicken Pox for Christmas!" (This is really a song title) Sophia and Lydia are beautiful! Enjoy your family and all the "goings on" of the Christmas Season. Jesus is the "Reason for the Season" May He bless you with JOY, PEACE AND LOVE.
    I love you! Mom

  2. LOVE the pictures! Poor Rosalia! And what beautiful ballerinas! :)

  3. We hope that Rosalia is better now! Our best wishes for you an yours! Merry Christmas!
    Take care! BICOS


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