Monday, November 17, 2008


I am fighting the urge to close my laptop...because I know that I need too. I am Procrastinator (with an Arnold Schwartz voice)!

I have SOOO much to be doing right at this moment. But here I am on the computer and listening to Mickey Mouse playing in the background. Where has my common sense gone?

I should be...

  • Folding Laundry --I have a HUGE mountain of about 5 loads
  • Planning Party for Rosalia
  • Cleaning Kitchen
  • Paying a bill to Lydia's Preschool
  • Getting Extra Barbie Stuff together to give to a friend (Yes! We are downsizing toys!)
  • I have plenty of spaces in our home that needs a HUGE De-clutter make-over! Too many Hot Spots!
  • Finishing up some sewing projects.
  • Oh, there is more but I really should digress and go do one of these...
Anyone else with a list of to-do's a mile long and no motivation to do them?


  1. YES, YES, YES.... ME!

  2. It is so nice to know I have fellow slackers! --Bella

  3. This is my life in a nut shell. I love to make lists and plan but I have a hard time with the excution. Usually I put everything off to the last minute and then more often than not injure myself to get everything done. There just never seems to be enough time in the day. Ok,Ok, never enough motivation in the day. HA! Oh well.

  4. Only a mile long? I've never really measured it before but my To Do list seems a lot longer than that. Funny - my husband is constantly telling that the key to success is to pick ONLY 6 things to do a day and only do those 6 things. Then the next day do 6 more. Uhhhh...are you kidding me? ONLY 6? I would NEVER get anything done cause at this rate I am adding at least 10 things a day to my list. I am guilty of procrastinating on the things I don't wanna do.


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