Saturday, October 04, 2008


My beautiful little lady has reached six years old. The year she will be losing her first tooth. The year she will be reading chapter books. The year she will be riding her bike without training wheels (I hope).

It was only six years ago that she came into my arms wanting to nurse every hour. I would change her outfits all the time, because we had so many girl clothes that had to be worn. Her head was strong and she would wiggle wiggle wiggle ---and became known when she was young as "Miss Wiggles".

Six things I love about you Sophia:

1. You are still my cuddle girl. You love to spend special time with me and just cuddle.

2. You sing and dance ALL THE TIME. I love to hear you sing your own created song with such enthusiasm and drama. Then, you twirl around the room with dancing. So beautiful.

3. You love the Lord your God and you demonstrate this in your life (at only six years of age too). When asked, "What is the meaning of life?" You answer, "To glorify God and enjoy Him forever". You sing songs to Him all the time. This is very endearing to me.

4. You are 100% GIRL. You love anything pink, red, purple, frilly, foofy, poofy, pretty, twirly, glamorous, cutsie, etc. Hair, make-up, fingernails, satin ribbon, jewelry....all of it.

5. Your imagination is spectacular. Your world is one big musical play. King and Queens, princesses that lost their shoes and need to escape from the bad guys, mommies and daddies, babies, etc.

6. You love to help. I love for you to help. You have taken on the roll of big sister to be over the top. Your love for your sisters shows greatly in how you care for them deeply and this warms my heart tremendously.

I love you my dear Sophia. Happy six birthday!


  1. Your girl is beautiful mommy... I need the Kleenex.. Touching...

  2. She'll love hearing this one day...

    But you're not getting off that easy. I want to see birthday party photos. Creative lady.

  3. Happy Birthday S!! I remember the song that you posted some time sweet!


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