Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cheap Change, Remarkable Results

I have been painting signs and boxes for the past couple of days for Sophia's Carnival Birthday Party coming up this weekend ( I will share with you more about this soon).

All this painting got me inspired. I came up with this fun, rather quick project that ended up not costing me anything (because I already had everything). The results were fabulous.

I painted two new pictures to hang in my girl's bathroom....those two paintings really brightened up the room. I am so proud of them! Take a looksie!

The first picture I used paint tape and made sections. I painted each section a different color of pink. Next, I peeled off the tape and it created instant white lines. Cute. I then placed a large Princess Frog "Wall Sticker" that I already had on our wall in the bathroom onto the painting. It made the Frog POP!

The next picture, I just started painting away and this is what I ended up with in the background. With Mod Podge glue and some Wallies that I had from my girls' bedroom, I glued each of the fairies onto the painting. Walla---instant cute fairy painting!

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