Sunday, August 17, 2008

Over The River and Through The Woods

To Grandma's House we went:
And had a Fabulous time!

Sophia and Lydia on hike around the vineyard and pond and trees looking for the things to scavenge.

Rosi atop Grandma's Dining Table....she is having bottled water for dinner!

Grandma made beautiful dresses for the girls!

Smelling the Flowers!

And Over the Woods to Mimi's House too!

It was Lydia's weekend to play at her Mimi and Poppies house. She was spoiled and loved it!

Helping Poppie in the yard.

Making (or eating) Aunt Bonnie's Chocolate Cake


Playing with Belle

Beauty Salon


A girl needs at least 5 combs and brushes

Feeding Horses with Friends

A Buggy Ride

Wow! What a weekend!

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