Wednesday, August 06, 2008

One Nightstand

What is on your Night Stand?

You know that structure of some sort that stands next to your bed covered with stuff?

I have a clock, tissue, hair tie, candle, roses that Ric picked for me this morning!.... and a pile of books begging for me to read them!
Now, I have not had much time for reading books lately, in awhile, a long time, a loooooong time!
Not only are those books begging me to read them, I have been having strong urges within me desiring to read! Not just read the words on a TV screen or computer screen. Really touch and feel the paper fibers in my hand books.

So, I am starting a journey. A journey to read more. So, I have decided that one night a week, I am going to take a shower or bath so that I am clean and smelling good, squeeze into some comfy jammies, and dive into my fluffy bed next to my night stand. And, grab the book. Maybe stare at it for a moment and touch the pages....then gaze my eyes upon the black ink on those pages and READ!

I am starting with a group of books called the Christian Classics Series...the first book of the series I will be reading is The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom.

One night a week.

I will be reading.

A book.


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  1. That's funny...I've been missing "real" reading too lately. I also have a stack of books just waiting for me. I'm not sure if the problem is more about me not reading anything that's not on the computer, or about me not being able to resist a good book store. Either way, I've got some reading to do :)


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