Saturday, August 23, 2008

End of Summer Splash

This last week we had a wonderful end of the Summer of vacation to the ocean. I love the ocean. Someday, I would love to buy a vacation home on the ocean. A place for us to get away or rent out or just bless somebody that needs to get away for a retreat to the ocean.

As Ric and I were driving home yesterday, we both felt like the week went by too fast. "Wait, we didn't even get to finish reading that book we were so hoping to finally finish!"
But, what we did was to spend time as a family and with friends having loads of fun!

It was a nice way to top off our Summer vacation (Summer heat is still here. So, it is still HOT and what we would rather be doing is swimming ---I wish schools would start after Labor Day--but, whatever. I suppose when and if I can get back into homeschooling, than I might be able to start then. But, that is another matter!)

Highlights of our Coastal Trip:
*Poor Rosi could not crawl the entire time...because it was too dirty and well I really did not want to fish out dirt from her mouth the entire time. She did however find her way into many arms and enjoyed cuddling with everyone. She loved the ocean. She slept during her first time at the ocean. I am not sure why but it seems that Rosi has slept through everyone of her first time water experiences. She slept at the pool, at the lake, and now the ocean. Funny girl!

* Lydia had a near drowning experience in the ocean and it was caught on tape. I will share it later. She practically never wore shoes the entire time. However, her feet are suffering despite her stubborness. She has scrapes, bruises, pokes, sore ankles, etc. But, she LOVED playing outdoors ALL the time! She did end up getting a high fever of 103 on the day we packed up and were leaving. Poor baby. (She is doing better now and eating fruit snacks as I write)

*Sophia despite being fearful of most situations --like the spiders on the ceiling of the bathroom, banana slugs, crawling into a historical indian house or going down steep stairs towards the ocean ---she loved playing in the water and sand of the ocean. She could spend hours there. Sophia also used her imagination and played and played with friends and gathered many treasures to tote in her bag. We have yet to open it up and discover her treasures. She also loved eating fish and chips and a cherry 7-up soda.

We ate toasty marshmellos, sipped on hot cocoa, endured rain for an entire day, ate fish and chips, clam chowder, played card games, went to a used book store, played in the ocean, visited a historical Indian village, Ric was having fun taking pictures with the new camera, and we played and played and played.....

....Now, it is time to get back into routines, schedules, meal plans, etc.

Sophia starts school and dance on Monday. Lydia starts school on Tuesday. Ric and I are starting on a "diet" on Monday. Rosi is working on her next baby step of adventure....more crawling...pulling herself up.

After campin clean-up, then I am off to plan!

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  1. I'm so glad you all had a good time. Sounds like lots of great memories.


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