Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I should be living in Austraila

Because I was in "my mind and body can't sleep, so I better get up do something besides lay here and think about it" kind of mode.


I cleaned, read, folded laundry, read blogs.

At 2am in the morning.

Decided by 3 am, I had better force myself to shutdown and get a few REM hours of sleep before baby cries--in a few hours...

..And my day should officially begin (not in Austraila--bummer!)

It is going to be a long day ahead of me.

I can't wait for naptime!

Does anyone else still love naptime?


  1. Hi Bella! I can understand you, really, I´m from Spain and some times I should be living in L.A.
    And I love nap time; in Spain is "siesta".
    "La siesta" is my favorite sport!!! ;)

  2. Betty, I love "Siesta" MUCHO! And, I got one! Yeah!


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