Friday, July 18, 2008

George the Monkey President Eats Bananas And Does Not Share Songs while Birdies Sing Noisy!

President Bush came to our hometown recently. I was thinking about taking the girlsout to see him at the airport, but I re-thought about it..(3 kids around nap time in a crowd of thousands of other spectators trying to get their photo opportunity...nah!)
But, I did inquire about it with the girls.

Do you know who the President is?

Sophia (Dancing around the room): Yes. He is God!

Um. Well, not really.

Do you know what he does?

Lydia: Eat Bananas!

Bananas? Why, I think he just might do that.

The President of the United States is coming to our city.

Sophia (still dancing): OH YEAH! Like the time before when Papa and I saw him at the Library. There were a whole bunch of people with cameras taking pictures and stuff (stuff?). He was a big muscely guy!

Actually, that was our Governator!
The President is a little bit more important.

Sophia: But, God is more important, Mommy! God is the mostest important. I would like to meet Him!

Yes, this is true. Someday.

I think we will wait for when God comes to go out and take pictures. For now...we can eat our bananas and take naps.
I walk into the room upon noticing Lydia standing in the doorway screeching with a high pitch singing voice.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

Lydia: "I singing wit da burdees! Ahhhhhh!"

"Wow, that is lovely, Lydia!"

Lydia (closes the door abruptly): "I am all done singing wit dem!"


Lydia: "Dey too noisy!"
We were driving in the car listening to the infamous Curious George Soundtrack with Jack Johnson singing, "The Sharing Song"

(You have to know that when my girls are in the car, they pretend they are the actual people/characters singing the songs. )

Lydia: "Mo, fun to shware wit ev-wee-one!.....Dis is my song! Sophie! No, you can't singa! Dis is my Song! Mo, fun to shware wit ev-wee-one!"

Sophia: "Lydia! It is the sharing song. We need to share the song!"

(Good Point)

Lydia: "No, I don't shware! My songa! You can't sing!"

(The meaning of the sharing song has yet to penetrate Lydia's illogical thinking when it comes to who's song it is. Does anyone else have children that think they "own" the song. It is all theirs to sing?)

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