Thursday, July 31, 2008


I really want to write a post...really I do. A good post. Something significant or interesting. A post that would make you tear up from heartfelt words or funny words. A post that would just make you sit back and utter, "Ah, that was a great post"... A post that would make you want to come back here and read more...

...but, I am bland today. No taste, nothing exciting. I am plain jane mashed potatoes. Stuck in a rut, boiled bananas.


I hope you will come back.

I am off to dreamland for a nap. 2 out 3 girls are sleeping and I am seizing this opportunity to get a few minutes of sleep, book, etc. Maybe then something might ding a bright light in my head and I will have wonderful, exciting things to post about...something that will bring out those tears upon your face and utter.."______"!

Until then.

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