Tuesday, June 10, 2008

List Of Ten and Then Some

  • One cake to decorate
  • Two sore feet
  • Three ---My Daugther is turning three this weekend and having a SUPER fun party planned....lots to do to prepare though
  • Four cards and presents to make for Father's Day
  • Five people in our family having birthdays this week
  • Six rooms to clean completely before Saturday: Bathroom, Guest Room, Master Bedroom, Kitchen/Family Room, Living Room, Office
  • Seven loads of laundry needing to be either/or washed, dried, folded, and put away.
  • Eight maids a milking: okay just kidding....but it is about how many times I have to give Rosie milk! I couldn't really think of something for #8. Hey, I tried.
  • Nine years of marriage celebrating on Friday the 13th. Oooooo!
  • Ten dollars a ticket that I need to be selling for Sophia and Lydia's ballet performance in Peter Pan next weekend.

And other numbers for pure random joy....
  • 40 Fruit Kabobs made for Sophia's last day of school
  • 25 Goodie Buckets needing to be made to give away at Lydia's Birthday
  • 100 screams a day at a( not mentioning the name, ahem) medical insurance people...
  • 196 unread emails in my inbox
  • 621 unread posts in my google reader
  • 2 pillows that I am now going to place my head upon
  • 1 man that I plan to go snuggle with right now....

Goodnight Y'all... I will be back when.... I don't know when.... when I get my numbers sorted out and the storm calms down a little?? ....maybe. Anybody still out there?


  1. You're funny, but very clever. Don't forget to enjoy all your friends & family that will be coming to Lydia's party. I'm sorry we will miss it, but looking forward to seeing you all and the dancers the following week :)

  2. Hi, I came over by way of Blogher Ads. Love this list! That's a lot of numbers to keep up with.

    Have a blessed day!


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