Monday, May 12, 2008

My Day in Pictures...

My Mama Day in Pictures....

I got these when I woke-up. Flowers, A Hot Milky Way from my favorite place, Dutch Bros. and sweet homemade cards and gifts from the girls. All the girls slept in until 9AM...Yes, All of them!! Awesome.

Pancakes w/ maple syrup (Homemade by Papa!----Yummy!)

A necklace made by Sophia at school. Proudly worn by her Mama for "Mother's Day" Sophia was so proud of this necklace. Me too!

Below: We attempted to take some "Mother's Day" Mama and Daughter pictures....well, it was quite the adventure...

Finally, a somewhat cute picture of the girls!

After church, we drove about an hour to a park in Mt. Shasta. Here Lydia is going across the monkey bars almost by herself. She is strong.

Papa Catching.
A needed hug.

Sophia climbing

Sliding and Screaming.



Getting water from the Head Waters. This is where the Sacramento river starts y'all. The water is pouring straight out of Mt. Shasta. Fresh water for drinking.

Running and Kite Flying.

I love being Mama!

We also went to dinner at Sengthongs Blue Sky Room and had some yummy Thai food. I didn't get pictures of this but it was delicious. A sweet day! I am blessed!

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  1. Susie Mimi8:52 PM

    What a wonderful day you had! I felt blessed looking at all the pics. I was blessed with you and your "girls" singing "Happy Mother's Day" to me. Also enjoyed a call from Dave wishing me a Happy Mother's Day too. I enjoyed a quiet day and made myself "Aunt Bonnie's Chocolate Cake"
    I thank the Lord for ALL of you! I love being a Momma & Grandma "Mimi".


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