Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A rice box or a wedding?? Nope.

I had high hopes in getting the house clean today. I had set plans to clean dishes, clean-dry-fold-put away laundry, sweep floors, clean bathrooms, etc. However SHE didn't get the memo.

She decided to make rice sand or rather just make Mommy insane.

Oh, AND... my husband and I are taking a parenting course...and well, I couldn't bring out the hammer. I really wanted to be angry and yell, but I didn't. I just said, "Wow Lydia. Bummer!"

Lydia: "It not bumma mom!"
Me (smiling to prevent stress lines): "Yes, bummer for mommy...because I really want to scream, but I can't. I have to get the vacuum to clean up this mess instead of my schedule of things to do...and then we have to change your panties because you just went poo poo too, didn't you? Wow Lydia! Bummer!"
Lydia with a fist full of rice: "Yah, bumma! But, I hep you keen. And, I no poo poo!"

To my list: There is always tomorrow. Maybe.


  1. much for best laid plans

  2. are you doing Danny Silk? Good job keeping your cool it is not an easy thing to do

  3. Hi! I love that you left me a comment! And I am glad that I can catch up with you on your blog too! Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!

    And I did that many times, too...I usually chose cereal though :)

  4. Susie Mimi10:11 AM

    She's so creative. "A sandbox inside the house!" At least she "offered to help clean up". I probably would have screamed. Good job, Mom! Memories!


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