Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No Foolin' ....

I wanted to do something really clever for April Fool's Day....but, I couldn't think of anything.

Happy Birthday Uncle Chuck!

Here is a Google Chat w/ my Husband:

house is still a mess....loads of laundry from the weekend....dirty dishes splattered all over the kitchen counters.....i am really tired...really really tired....we have people coming tonight to our house for a Bible Study....all i really want to do is sink under my bed covers with a flashlight and read a book like a child and then drift off into a deep sleep....i think i will go eat worms...big fat skinny ones....actually, i am going to try and take a 10 minute rest so that I can hopefully get some energy to clean our house before the company comes. And you?

Now, how is that for words....I still filled my quota for words for the day in chat form and so did my husband.

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