Saturday, April 12, 2008

Holy Beauty, The Devil Made Me Do it, and A Dunken Donut

Learn from me people:
Don't give your two 1/2 year old a blackberry smoothie in the car while she is wearing that cute adorable outfit you just love on her...even if you are terribly late in getting your other child to school....a mess!
She claims: "I not do it, no, no"
I ask: "Then who did it, Lydia?"
She knows: "I dunno?"

It is only a ...
"BUG!" (It is really just a tiny ant)
I can't clean it up Mom! (The toys outside)
I just can't clean them because ..IT is going to eat me...oh, look I think I have a hole in my leg from that bug getting me already. (Her Papa had a tick dug deep in his leg last week and has a hole from the removal of the tick).
ME: Ah, ha...well, holy girl clean it up! Because you are buggin' me! (Did I, a wonderful encouraging mom, just say that to my paranoia daughter?) Yep.

Isn't she?
I want to dunk her in my coffee, like a chocolate covered biscotti and eat her up. Except that it would be a little breastmilk flavor to her, but hey she is just so scrumptious. How can I resist?

1 comment:

  1. Before being a parent I would have suggested you were a cannibal for saying such things about your Rosalia.

    But I get it.


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