Sunday, February 10, 2008

Menu Plan February 11th

We had a crazy week and did not even get to the bulk of our menu.... the girls went to their Mimi and Poppies house for a few days while Ric and I had an evening at our home --A couple's Valentine Party! I will be posting about it soon, so stay tuned!

My pantry and fridge are stocked with items that didn't get used and leftovers from the party. So, we will be eating up pantry style this week. No need to buy anything from the grocery store. I may not even need to buy anything for the next TWO weeks. Yep, it seems we have that much to work with. With a little creativity it can be done!

For Valentines Day: I am planning to have something "Red" to eat! I may exchange one of these recipes out for the red theme day. We may have spaghetti that day---not quite sure...I need to thumb through my pantry again. I did make some Red Velvet Cupcakes and the house is decorated from the party. So, we will enjoy as a family a red themed night on Thursday! I will light some candles too! Hope you have a "romantic" day with your special one(s)!

Remember why we love---because HE first loved us!

Here is what is on the menu this week in our home!

Vegetarian Asian Hot Pot
(I will be using veggie broth)
Asian Slaw - Dress a bag of slaw mix with an Asian ginger Sesame dressing; garnish with sliced green onions and toasted sliced almonds.
Sticky Rice w/ dipping sauce

Grilled Cheese w/ apples and ginger sauce
Salad w/ shredded Carrots, Cabbage, Corn, black beans

Campanelle in a Creamy Garlic Sauce with Baked Garlic/Herb Shrimp ( I am going to create my own version adapted from this blog post)
Fresh Greens w/ Apricots, Gorgonzola Cheese, Pecans
Green Beans
Toasted Garlic Bread

Leek, Gorgonzola, Rosemary and Potato Soup
Multi-Grain Rolls

Roasted Pacific Cod with Olives and Lemon
Barley Risotto with asparagus and Parmesesan
Lettuce Salad w/ Pecan & Gorgonzola

Creamy Corn Polenta
Green Salad

Garlicky Bean Enchiladas


  1. Your menu sounds great! I love the "red" for Valentine's Day idea. It's funny- I hadn't really heard of red velvet cupcakes until this year, and they are EVERYWHERE! Guess I'd better try some. ;)

    another veggie menu planner at

  2. Your menu sounds amazing! Are you a professional chef?

    I will be 'borrowing' some of your recipes.

    Have a great week!

  3. I am always hungry after I read your menu plan !!!! Looks great again this week !!

  4. Your menu plan looks fabulous. I love vegetable dishes. I wish I could get my son to eat more veggies. Thanks for sharing!

    Cynthia - What's for Dinner?

  5. Your menu looks amazing! I'm getting hungry just looking at it. Have a great week!

  6. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Campanelle are one of my favorite pasta shapes -- so pretty. Have a great week!

  7. What a yummy menu!
    Happy Monday!
    ¸.·´¸.·*¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·’ * Annie *

  8. Looks like a great menu! We tried your lentil tacos last week on Friday for Lent and they were fantastic! Even my husband (who is from Nebraska and thinks that every dinner should include some form of meat as the primary entree) sounded surprised when he admitted that they were pretty tasty and he ate two! Next on my list of your recipes is the hot pot (which would be perfect for a lunch for me!)

    Thanks for the inspiration and have a great week!


  9. Oh, and by the way, La Mia Cucina is one of the funniest, yet fantastic food blogs I've read in a while. I'm bookmarking it! Thanks for the link!!


  10. Sounds like a great week!! Your girls are so cute!!

  11. Everything sounds and looks so yummy!

    I really need to utilize what is in our pantry, too.

    Happy Valentine's Week!

  12. Wow great menu, everything looks so good :)

    Mine is up too!

  13. You have a great menu! I have a few carryover meals as well.

    The campanelle sounds wonderful! I might have to try it too.


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