Monday, January 14, 2008

Sister, I do love you but... are in my space

The girls with their new "American Girl" dolls. We could not afford to buy them the real thing so, we bought look-a-like dolls from Target called Generation Dolls. They don't know the difference. I don't dare spend $100 per doll to give to my 5 year and 2 1/2 year old --only to have them discard using them after 2 weeks. Especially, since the dolls would have all new scraggly hair-dos too. No thanks. So, these dolls are just fine for the amount the girls paid for them: $20 dollars each (Yes, they paid for them...they saved their money from birthdays and Christmas to buy them).
We took some pictures to share and you can tell by the progression of the pictures the mood of my 2 1/2 year old. She is already understanding the tricks of self-defense.
"Don't bother me, I am trying to pose for the camera" {Imagine that being said like they do in the Carl's Junior commercials...something like that}

"Bam" --That'll leave a mark! (not really...she was just fine)


  1. There was only 1 photo - was there supposed to be more?
    Good for you on your doll decision. I strongly support paying less for toys as they do tend to outgrow them so fast. I'm sure they love their dolls just as much as if they were "the real thing".

  2. No, there are 5 photos. Were you not able to see them on your computer? I don't know why...I can see them on mine. Hmmm.

  3. Only 1 shows up, the one that says "Bam, that had to hurt".

  4. Opps, I mean the one that says "Bam, that'll leave a mark".

  5. that's so great that they saved the money to buy them. It's such a valuable lesson!

    Alanna my 6 yr old really wanted a Wii. Since we already had a Game Cube and XBox I could not justify spending all that money. I told Alanna if she could save the money she could get one. It took her a year but she saved and saved and now enjoys the Wii that she bought with her own money.
    It means so much more to her than a toy that was just handed to her


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