Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Place to Set your Plate

I wanted to share with you for quite awhile the sewing projects I had been working on for Christmas time. I wasn't able to share them earlier with you because these were made as gifts for family members and well, they are so faithful in reading my blog ramblings that I didn't want to reveal the surprise!

I made placemats and napkins! This is one of my first sewing projects that I have accomplished (besides pillow cases). I am now onto making a wedding dress next. (just kidding). I have ordered a couple of sewing books from Amazon and I am eager to get them and try out some new projects!

Here are the napkins and placemats I made for my darling Mother in Law. The theme in her kitchen seems to be red and peppers. So, I was able to find some cute fabric that went along with her theme. I wanted to personalize them as much as possible when choosing out the fabrics. I will share with you later some of the others I made for my SIL and my own Mum!

I made four of each. The placemat has pepper pattern on one side and the opposite side has the red gingham pattern. The napkins are all red with black stiching. Delightful!

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  1. And I love them! The fact that you made them with your own little hands makes them even more wonderful!
    Thank you again.

  2. What size did you make the napkins? I've seen them from 16 to 20 inches square - I bought a lot of Christmas fabric that I was planning on making napkins from and wanted to know what you found was the best in terms of useage . . . yours look great!


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