Thursday, December 20, 2007

Elephants on Parade

Christmas Parade Dec. 1st.
Ric took the girls out into the cold air to watch locals put on a festive Christmas parade. Mimi, Kristin, and Jannik were able to join in with the fun. Jannik loved the "Amercian" parade. So festive with lights. And look there is an elephant on parade!

You would never really know there are elephants in California. And...who would dress their elephant up in lights?
All bundled up for the show. They loved watching the floats, especially the floats handing out sweet yummy things to lick and get stickies all over fingers.
Wow...what a sight to see....the Ms Grinch on a Quad next to Starbucks? I'll have the Green Tea Latte!
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  1. Which, by the way, makes
    (1) Old Long John Silvers
    (2) Discovery Village
    (3) Safeway at Pine and Cypress
    (4) Safeway at Cypress and Churn Creek
    (5) standalone at Cypress and Churn Creek
    (6) Placer and Buenaventura
    (7) Lake and Hilltop
    (8) Churn Creek between Barnes and Home Depot
    (9) across from City Hall on Cypress
    (10) California and Placer

    Next: (11) S Bonnyview and 273


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