Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tweety Birthday

My laptop is back and working....so I have downloaded my pics (finally---yeah!) and can now share some lovely moments of the lil' daisies with y'all.

Sophia celebrated her 5th birthday in the beginning of October. She had planned for a Tweety Bird birthday all year. When she had first mentioned it, I was like really? Tweety Bird? But, You have never even seen the show? But, she had seen her Mimi's Tweety Bird Jammies and loved them. So, she had it set in her mind that is what kind of birthday she wanted.
When I set out to plan her party, I was very thankful that I came across some Tweety Bird decorations on-line that were discounted and that were pink.

We made a cake and some cupcakes. Here is the picture of the cake. I think I did pretty darn good on that Tweety bird in the center, don't ya think?

Here is birthday girl---reading her cards. And, she read everyone! Notice her shirt. I found it at Wal-mart. Perfect!

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